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  • Monitor

    Sony 3D Glass shield

    Horizontal/vertical hole to prevent wearing the frame inside out
    Can identify “3D” and “2D”
    Protection film on front and back with peeling tab seal

  • 3D

    Sony HVO-3000MT

    Simple, powerful HD/SD video workflow for healthcare

    Every aspect of the HVO-1000MD is aimed at optimising critical time during medical procedures while capturing outstanding video and images. It has simple controls and can record to multiple media formats simultaneously.

    Although primarily a high definition medical video recorder, the HVO-1000MD is also a multipurpose delivery device, capable of streaming video to conference rooms and lecture theatres, and distributing content on a wide range of recording formats – including Blu-ray.

    The efficiency continues through the entire workflow, as media recorded on the HVO-1000MD is easily transferred to widely-used video editing systems such as Sony’s Vegas and Apple’s® Final Cut Pro.

    The HVO-1000MD medical video recorder: simple-to-use HD recording for an efficient all-HD workflow.

    High Quality HD (and SD) recording
    This recorder offers quality recording from high and standard-definition sources. Multiple bit rates available to suit a variety of storage and delivery requirements. MPEG-4/H.264 AVC compression is used throughout, for extremely detailed images and compatibility with editing systems and playback devices.

    Simple to use
    Maximum usability through an extremely simple and accessible user interface.

    Still image and video capture

    The HVO-1000MD can record still and moving images.

    Support for a wide range of media

    While the HVO-1000MD records to its built-in hard drive, it can also record to a variety of optical media, including Blu-ray. USB storage peripherals are also supported.
    Real Time distribution with streaming capability
    Real-time streaming option in conjunction with Sony’s NSR network security video recorders.
    Long recording time
    With a choice of bitrates and storage media types, the HVO-1000MD is capable of extended recording times.
    Recommended Media

    For best Blu-ray disc compatibility and performance, we advise using the Sony branded discs listed below:

    Brand: Sony
    Model Code: 50BNR25AP6
    Model description: BD-R SL 6X, 50 pieces / package

  • 3D Monitor

    Sony LMD-2451MT

    3D high definition medical monitor with advanced Sony 3D technology

    The LMD-2451MT combines Sony 3D professional technology with an advanced 24-inch LCD panel to display clear 3D pictures.

    Surgeons can also view images from multiple monitors whilst wearing light, comfortable polarized glasses.

    Practical features include a user memory function and chroma phase control, while ChromaTRU technology contributes to optimised image quality.

    This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals only.

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  • 3D

    Sony MCC-3000MT

    Stereoscopic 3D colour images captured in Full HD with this medical grade camera can assist with providing improved depth perception and spatial orientation compared with conventional 2D.

    ‘Live’ 3D images can be shared with other consultants, teaching staff and students using a monitor such as the Sony LMD-2451MT (MDD approved) LMD-4251TD (non MDD compliant). 3D Full HD images can also be captured for later analysis, sharing and review using the HVO-3000MT medical grade video recorder.

    The MCC-3000MT consists of two light, compact camera heads plus a CCU (Camera Control Unit). Compliant with latest medical safety standards, the complete system can be easily integrated into medical environments.

    Image quality is assured by precision Exmor™ Full HD CMOS sensors in each camera head. Combined with advanced Sony digital image processing techniques, this allows the MCC-3000MT to capture detail-packed 3D images with high sensitivity and signal-to-noise plus wide dynamic range. 2D operation is also possible, allowing surgeons to capture two independent 2D images under control of one CCU.

    Workflow is enriched with a range of useful imaging features and shooting modes, including Image Reverse and Freeze. Image brightness and other functions for both camera heads can be adjusted intuitively from the CCU front panel. Customised picture profiles can be stored and recalled instantly, avoiding time-consuming set-up between procedures.

    The system can optionally be controlled via an external PC or other host device. In addition, both camera heads can be sited as up to 20m from the CCU for even greater operational and integration flexibility.

    This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals only.

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