Sony LMD-X2705MD

Sony is proud to introduce two 27-inch medical 4K monitors, the LMD-X2705MD and LMD-X2700MD, which can display 4K Ultra HD color video images in 2D. Offering two types of monitor with DP, HDMI and DVI interfaces (the LMD-X2705MD additionally includes 3G/HD/SD-SDI), Sony enables flexibility to suit various modalities and environments. The latest generation of medical imaging systems reveals more detail than ever before, allowing clinicians to review complex procedures in the OR with greater accuracy.

The LMD-X2705MD and LMD-X2700MD display 4K images with four times the detail of Full HD, and allow surgeons to view pictures from surgical endoscopes, laparoscopic camera systems, and other compatible medical imaging systems with immersive detail in rich and vivid color.

Moreover, these monitors provide a valuable upscaling capability. HD and SD inputs convert to 4K, which means that even conventional HD/SD modality users can fully enjoy the benefits of natural, sharp 4K resolution.

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